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Jan 05, 2005



Thanks for the link Evelyn. I was getting so much traffic from people looking for information on friends and family, I started to do a little research.

I was amazed that, while there's so much out there about the tsunami, it's so hard to find specific information.


I've completed an update on the tsunami victim information here


Keep this going we may be able to locate someone who knows him.

Subject: Tsunami Victim, do you know him?

Subject: Have a quick look

Please pass this on.
You never know who we may know that has some information concerning this child.

Nobody knows who this boy belongs to! Please send this to all - we mean all! - the people in your entire network. Looking for his family. The boy about 2 years, vacationing in Khoa Lak is missing his parents.

Nobody knows what country he comes from. If anybody knows him please contact us by phone 076-249400-4 ext. 1336, 1339 or e-mail :

[email protected]

Hank Miller

World Office Systems, Inc.

Voice (757)499-4559 Fax (757)499-2998

Deb Henry

I am searching for a friend and former colleague who was to be in Bali at the time of the tsunami. I am hoping to know that she and her husband are well and to contact them.

They are Craig & Robyn Hurren.
He is Canadian born and she is New Zealand Born but now Australian. Is there any place to look for this information?

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