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Jan 21, 2005



Another writer who I think does an excellent job of getting right in there is Susan Orlean (she's so present in her writing and reportage that the screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman, put her in the movie-within-the-movie in Adaptation).

What I love about writers like Bronson and Orlean (and Joan Didion, to a degree--and you, come to think of it!) is not only how their involvement in the story translates to an aliveness on the page but an infectious one. Instead of reading an account, I'm roused from my chair and invited to play--my mind grabs the ball they're throwing up in the air and runs with it, usually in several different directions at once. I can't just sit still and read; I have to *do* something (even if it's just grabbing a pen to empty my brain of the four or five things that just popped into it so that I can continue reading).

You (and Hugh, and everyone else but me) talk a lot about how markets are conversations; aren't the best exchanges always conversations? Isn't there a constant thesis-antithesis-synthesis aliveness and growth that happens in the best--and most effective--communication?

The best teachers know this and embrace involvement, change and growth themselves. Cameron Thor, a contemporary of Ivana's who also studied with Roy London and also became a sought-after acting teacher and coach here in L.A., always insists that he learns at least as much from his students as they do from him. He also insists on learning something completely new to him (surfing, horseback riding, math) to keep himself balanced in the off-balance (my words, not his, but I think it's a good metaphor for being A-L-I-V-E).

Makes me wish I'd known Roy London. Makes me glad I know you.


That's a lot to take in - but interesting!


Does Roy London do any classes in the LA area anymore?

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