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Jan 01, 2005



I forget my email address(above message!)
Looking for a friend named IT who lived and worked on KO PHI PHI
email me at

yolanda marlowe

I was in phi phi for a month with my boyfriend in june/july 2004.Was just looking to see if anyone has any news on a thai girl called Naa who worked and lived above sports bar? Also anyone know the two girls who handed out fliers for apache,one had red hair and looked like sal from the beach film,the other had dark short hair and skin,just hope everyones ok.
Yolanda from Dublin,Ireland


i was on phi phi island during september 2004, would love to know if the hippie bar staff are ok. Also a thai guy nameed Cheng he worked in the hospital on the island! if anyone knows imformation please email me.. thankyou


i would really like to track down a guy called "Amiere" not sure if is correct spelling, he is a canadian/asian guy who worked at the hippie bar, he also lived in a treehouse above, he sometimes did gigs there with his guitar....was a great singer!!would justlike to know if he was there when the disaster occured and if hes ok.. can someone contact me if the have any info please, cheers :)

tammy macey


I was staying at Maprao when the tsunami hit, and I just wanted to say how wonderful the staff were when my husband and I were finally able to return in the evening. We stayed until 28th to help out where we could. The staff of the hotel which is high up (I cannot recall the name) were also wonderfully brave to come and search for people in the wooded area up from the beach where we had run to. I was with a french lady called Francios, who wore leg braces, and was a resident on the Island. We made sure she was safe, in case anyone was wondering if she survived.

We also knew of Teep, and he was OK after the wave. We saw him on both 27th and 28 th December.In fact, on my return to England, there was a story in a local paper, in February, about a young girl who was injured, and Teep was invovled in her recovery - a pleasant surprise to read! x


Does anyone know if RA (vara), who used to work at Rolling Stoned Bar, and also on the banana boats survived? I've lost contact with him and want to know if he is alright.



Does anyone know the status of the Reggae Bar? The staff? The Boxers?.. plz any info will help


hi everyone, just to let you know that my friend cha cha also know as susan and her brother twos are ok they do the fire shows at the hippie bar and apache bar


hi everyone, just to let you know that my friend cha cha also know as susuan and her brother twos are ok, they do the fire shows at the hippie bar and the apache bar


Hi, does anyone knows if X is o.k.? he worked at Hippies Bar.


hi everyone.
reaggae bar is up and running, i dont know if all the staff were saved, but the boxers is the same now as before the ts. is x at hippies bar the same x that works in tapear tattoo? if so, he's alive. and bird, nino, the dj, boi and the owner i know is ok. many others is there too, but dont remember all the names. cant remember more people right now, but i must say, i was amazed by how many of my friends from last year that was still there when i got back after the tsunami... luckily !!!!!!!!!

colins boateng

well i am collins boateng aand i am a High school graduate and now working as a baker is assistant and i will to be a staff with your company because baker is my aim now.

Tore from Norway

Spent the night after the tsunami up by the viewpoint on Phi Phi with the staff from the Hippies Bar. Luckily they all survived!!They shared all what was left with us and cared for us in a matter that was almost too much! God bless! :) We have so much to learn about giving...

Rob Harris

It's been a long time now but I always wondered about a couple of local people with whom I made friends with a few months before the tsunami. Tony at 'The Garden Home' accomodation and Umaporn Sangkal who worked at 'Garlic' restaurant as a waitress. I was at the end of an 18 month trip and Umaporn was my last contact before going home. I would love to know what has happened to them.

Jai in Bangkok

Spent the night after the tsunami up by the viewpoint on Phi Phi with the staff from the Hippies Bar. We got grill meat and red wine together. I sang a song all night with "Dari" hippies bar man. He played a guitar. He served me some dessert. And i asked me to marry. That's happended to me. A 29 canadian man safe me from my resort. And a nice couple from USA.
I gave some of my pant for his girlfriend. Thanks for everyone..pillow, red wine, blanket, 2 German boys garded me all night and noodle from Aussy guys ;-).
God bless all the best of my experienced.


I am still trying to locate Leon (Lee) Aranof(f) of Canada, who owned/worked at the Rocky Mtn Bar and Grill on Phi Phi Island. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you and may God bless.


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