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Jan 17, 2005


The Zero Boss

Excellent points, Evelyn.

The sell-out mentality is largely an anti-capitalist mentality. If you've a Randian streak in your thinking (which I do), you can see Platonic dualism at its root: the idea that there is both the pure expression of an idea as well as its corruption. For many in our society, commercialization is the ultimate corrosive force. It's a sad lens through which to view the world. How many people are limiting their potential because they subscribe to this view?

I'm reading GUERRILLA PUBLICITY at the moment, and it hammers home the need for authenticity. The press is savvy; they can spot a BS artist from a mile off. If you're not authentic, chances are you won't even get your foot in the door.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Zero Boss. What you've said just reminded me of Peter Block's archetypes (from an older post):

The dominant archetypes [in business] are the Engineer and the Economist. They represent the "how" way of doing things... On the other side of the fence is the Artist archetype. The Artist is about being creative and emotional, being on the "outside" and viewing commerce and power with suspicion... Block sees a middle path between these two sides, represented in the archetype of the Architect... This archetype integrates the previous three, thus resolving their unending battle. - The Answer to How is Yes, by Peter Block

Yup, many artists reject money and all it represents when it's merely just a tool, and not inherently evil or good in and of itself.

The Zero Boss

"Yup, many artists reject money and all it represents when it's merely just a tool, and not inherently evil or good in and of itself."

Sad irony, that. Being independently wealthy would enable most artists to finance their own works, giving them more power to do things "their way". Gibson's PASSION OF THE CHRIST is a great example: he made the movie the way he wanted it made, with his own capital - and earned a mint in the process. Further proof that commercial success and steadiness of vision are not as orthogonal as others want to paint them.

Christopher Bailey

Evelyn, you've touched on something that's been on my mind lately, as well. a few days ago, I posted an entry called We Are Not A Product that expresses many of the ideas you put forth here. (You'll notice that I too have been influenced by Block's archetype of the architect.)

Basically, we are not PRODUCTS. We have allowed the commercial and the economic to infiltrate even how we view ourselves. We might think we control the identity of our brand, but that's unrealistic. When viewed in this light, the true valuators of our brand lie outside of us.

One comment I received suggested that rather than a brand, we're a story...or even better, an anthology. It offers a much richer and deeper metaphor for developing an authentic presence.

Stay Playful...

hugh macleod

Eh. The purists are an impossible crowd to keep happy. That's why they're purists ;-)

Troy Worman

Why are we calling 'them' the purists???

The Zero Boss

True, Troy - we should call them "the Platonists" and us "the Integrals". ;-)


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