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Jan 29, 2005


Jon Husband

So many folks are looking for overnight quantifiable measurable payback from their blogging efforts. The self-expression and more nuanced payback is practically immediate in time compared to the commercial return.

Absolutely spot-on ... and the most valuable, and hence least quantifiable ROI (return on involvement ?)

Steven Pearce

"Something imperceptible clicks." You're dead right that patience in relationship building pays off.

How many kindred spirits fail to click because our instinct is often to differentiate ("You're richer/poorer/fatter/thinner/brighter/dimmer/louder/quieter..." etc than me) rather than wait, wait, wait until common ground emerges, as it surely will?


Evelyn -

You are so right about the cultures of doing business. When I moved from Boston to Atlanta it took awhile to "get" that before talking shop one had to accept a coffee or a Coke, talk sports, the weather and life in-general. Getting to know each other was as important to the project as the work itself.


Jon Husband

(I'd strike out the intellectual - it's extraneous.)

You sure ? Some blogs (or I suppose their authors) strike me as lacking in soul, though clearly well-fitted-out with some forms of intellect. Probably me included, tho' it's always so hard to tell when looking at yourself online.

Evelyn Rodriguez

We're in violent agreement ;-)

I meant it that Biz Stone's sentence would be better as:

A blog is a collection of digital content that when examined over a period of time exposes the soul of its author or authors.

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