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Jan 22, 2005


Diego from metacool

Awesome post, Evelyn. Thank you.



Lance Armstrong may very well be an exceptional athlete of superhuman capability and if he is all the better for him. Cycling is a brutal sport that pushes people beyond physical endurance. Paul Kimmage a former Irish professional cyclist -and now journalist - wrote about the drug problems in the sport. At the time he said you couldn't be a top rider and be clean. And two of the top cyclists in the world, Steven Roche & Sean Kelly, were both Irish at the time Paul wrote this so it wasn't a popular thing to say. Everything that has happened since has supported Kimmages story. I used to have a real love for the purity of sport like athletics. The 1988 Olympics in Seoul shattered that illusion.

I think part of the problem with all of this is our need for heroes. If we got over that we'd all be better off. And happier too, and could think about the important things.


Eric __ SongZilla Blog

What a shame one can't prove a negative, as in "I'm have not taken banned substances."

I'm a big fan of Lance, and think he is one of the more amazing athletes of our time. And I believe he may be completely clean. I really hope so.

It should be obvious when one looks at the single-mindedness with which he lives his life that his approach makes greater things possible within the realm of his focus. Does anyone else (with his natural talent, long known) have such a strong and unwavering focus?

A separate question of whether such a focus is something to model oneself after is a question I answered for myself when I abandoned mid-way through his second book (which might have been titled "It's not about the bike, it's about me, me me")

Still, watching Lance climb a mountain pass with the best in the world after him is an inspiration and a celebration of the human spirit and what humans might be capable of, at the very edge of the envelope.

Go Lance!

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