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Jan 14, 2005


Mark Wright

Makes for good reading - thank you for raising this stuff. I've just spent my weekend writing about this and associated Buddhist practices (as part of a psychotherapy training here in UK). You might want to check out Sharon Salzberg's book, 'Lovingkindness', with an introduction by John Kabat-Zinn - really interesting thoughts in it on trauma and stress, and how some/many Tibetans tortured by the Chinese didn't suffer... May be helpful following the horrors of S E Asia?

Mark Wright

Me again. Another amazing book on healing trauma is by Peter Levine, who's based in California. It's called "Waking The Tiger". He's been working in and researching the field for twenty-plus years now - really solid stuff about honouring feelings AND bodily impulses. Highly recommended!


I have been turned on to this book post-Katrina in New Orleans. Your blog is a useful tool. Thank you.

Rhonda Olsen

Great post...thanks! I love your cat analogy and will remember this in the future when I want to be in a mindful state and truly connect with my inner wisdom. I will also check out this book by Jon Kabat-Zinn...he really is brilliant! :-)

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