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Jan 25, 2005




I agree with your point. Here is the hard part for many people, what is my true passion? And, how do I find it? I believe it is based on a solid understanding of your identity... "I am a woman ... who ... " Unfortanetly many of us collapse that statement and limit our ability to find our passion, or true gifts... "I am a mother ... who ..." Marketing has an opportunity to change this dissonance and steward the Red Rubber Ball theory, make people fall in love with life again...everywhere, on and off the web.


I completely agree. Any time I start to feel down, I think of it as a wake up call to evaluate where I am and if I am doing interesting things. If not, time to change direction!

Evaluate, analyse, and then if called for, don't be afraid to make a drastic change.

Sean Murphy

The "master in the art of living" quote is actually by Lawrence Pearsall Jacks See for more details

This is a great post and it inspired me to write

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