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Dec 31, 2004


Dora lane

Tsunami Relief and the Bush Inauguration

Happy New Year 2005! While we’re lucky to have another year of opportunity, not all are so blessed. Right now, the world is suffering from the crushing devastation and loss of the December 2004 tsunami/quake disaster. Rather than party on New Year’s Eve, many held vigils to symbolize human solidarity in a painful time. Here, far from the destruction, many of us have made donations. Thankfully, the US government has now realized American aid must be increased dramatically. But, if the Bush Administration truly wants to reach out, it should step up and cancel the January 20th Presidential Inaugural festivities – which will cost over $40,000,000 plus millions more in public money for unprecedented security– and instead donate those funds to tsunami relief efforts. Such a powerful symbolic gesture would send the right message about compassion and leadership. If you agree, tell President Bush, Trent Lott, Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies and members (Bill Frist, , Christopher Dodd,,Dennis Hastert,, Tom DeLay and Nancy Pelosi,, and the Presidential Inaugural Committee,, 202-863-2005 or 202-314-2600 and spread the word by forwarding this message. Peace and Hope 2005!


just wanted to say i'm glad you made it back and thanks for all your heartfelt and moving entries about this horrible tragedy.

the usaid site also has some good info


GiveWorld has set up a Rehabilitation Fund to support initiatives to help
those affected by the disaster in South India, in association with GiveIndia
and ICICIcommunities . 100% of the funds raised for this purpose will be
disbursed for relief and rehabilitation of the victims and donors will be
provided feedback. The GiveWorld website also provides latest updates on all
relief activities.

GiveWorld is partnering with 10 non-profit organizations working on the
field. To know more about these organizations and how they are assisting the
victims please visit

To donate online, please visit if in
the US or if you are
located in India.

Please do spread this message to your friends and relatives.

Yours in Giving

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