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Dec 19, 2004


Mike Rohde

Very nice post Evelyn, perfect for this holiday season.

Please enjoy yor escape and refuge... resist the temptation to hit the internet cafes... there's enough of that for your return. :-)

hugh macleod

A friend of mine once divided the entire human race into two, distinct categories: Givers and Takers.

A massive generalisation, certainly, but it works often enough to reamin useful.


It is the need to survive that drives us to be takers, and it is our need for compassion that drives us to give. Therefore, we can be both takers and givers.

Jiju (Bangalore)

Waves of fury beating on the shore,
Unimaginable heights terrify us to the core.

Man, woman, child it holds no discrimination,
Leaving behind utter chaos and mass devastation.

Suffering, bereavement, misery and sorrow,
How long must we endure this horror.

Lives lost, businesses perished and wrecked homes,
Stench of doom, still growing in loom.

What can we do in times like this,
Should we just stand by and not assist?

Please give your means to those in need,
This is the time to do good deeds.

Lastly, please say a prayer to all survivors of Tsunami,
May they have the strength to overcome this catastrophe.

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