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Dec 27, 2004



A terrible day, but glad taht you are okay.


I'm glad to hear you're OK, but I thought I ought to tell you about an awkward side-effect of your posting.

There is an Indian Ocean island that belongs to Mauritius, called Rodriguez. I believe it's a lot flatter as well as being further east and having the main island of Mauritius mediating between it and the outside world. So I tried to find out as much as I could about what happened to it separately. Unfortunately googling "tsunami" and "rodriguez" tends to come, well, here.

So I thought I'd suggest that if you do turn up any links about what happened to that island you might post them hereabouts to help any other enquirers. Thanks in advance, anyway.


I recently visited Lanta Island which is very close to Phi Phi Island.
Can any body advise as to damage to that that Island.
We spent 6 wonderful days at the Royal Lanta resort till 3rd November 2004 and the people were very nice. I am concerned for their well being as hotel on the beach front,we could see Phi Phi Island quite cleaerly a couple km away.
Bazza, Sydney, Australia


Just happened to browse this webpage by accident, but to Evelyn and all the other survivors of the tsunami...God bless and you are in my prayers and thougts daily as I send love and light to you all. Each and everyday we should forget about the little things in life and appreciate life, love and relationships with all of humankind. It is not about what lipstick colour to choose is about spreading compassion and a helping hand to even those you do not know. Each day should be lived like it is our last day, and with no regrets...lay to rest jealously, hostility, judgements on other people and on yourselves and live with forgivness in your hearts towards other people and towards yourselves...and pray...prayer enhances the world's vibration and positive energy in ways you will never doesn't have to be a Christian prayer...just a prayer from you sent to all of the people in this terrible disaster. you know your strenght and the human-will to survive any tragedy and still come out okay and flourish...all the best to you, and you will be home soon.


i am terrbily sorry that the tsunami killed all of those people but there was nothing we could do to stop it. I know that many lives were lost but God obviously wanted them to come to heavan with him. I think that the people that survived the tsunami should consider themselves very very lucky! I think that the people living there now should stay strong everything is going to be okay

Joe Olivier

I'd stay "anonomys" too, if I posted drivel like that...


the tsunami was extremely bad but people are starting to get annoyed at it interfearing with programmes id like you to do something about oit


i'm very sad about what happed in the tsunami in thailand,indonesia and other more countries in the world. i'd like to take this oppurtunity to tell to the government of different countries that they should help their neighbor country that striken the tsunami to help even a little amount of money so we can help the other country

Philippe Thaler

Hello Evelyn,
Thank you for your story. I know you really had to face a dreadful event.
I Leave in Bangkok and on december 26th I was on PhiPhi Island for the 3rd time. When the waves arrived my familly and I were on a long tail boat, just about to snorkel on the reefs nearby Bamboo Island. We escaped the wave thanks to the composure and wisdom of our pilot, and because we were lucky. Indeed we crossed the wave where it was not rolling, and we saw it hitting Bamboo Island, which is quite flat, so fast that I thought all people there must have been washed away... We couldn't stay because another bigger wave arrived and we just ranaway down south to a safe beach on eastern PhiPhi.
From that time I keep wondering what happened to people in Bamboo Island. I found almost no information about it. So thank you for your story and I would be very grateful if you agree to tell me more about what happened there. Someone told me nobody was killed. May it be true.
I wish you to recover quickly and to enjoy life day by day, as I do now...

Philippe Thaler




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