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Dec 31, 2004


Bill Van Loan

Happy New Years Evelyn. I'm so glad your back and recovering as well as updating your blog.

I just wanted to cry when you stated in the newspaper article that you could see your bone. I can't even imagine how hard this is.

Your a role model for all of us and I hope your boyfriend is back asap. Thank God you are so Resilent and so much more in 2004. I thought you were in your late 20's but the newspaper made a mistake - this must be a typo. Happy Holidays just the same and God Bless You.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much for your concern. I know the press likes to hear that sort of stuff (I did not exaggerate though), but I guess I'm not that squeamish around blood, etc.

Went to the doc today, and it appears to be healing fine, just watching it for blood clots, etc.

I'm trying to "use" this as it's newsworthy as a opportunity to discuss what REALLY matters to people and what's important in life and get folks to take action to contribute to those that live in the tsunami areas. Nothing happened to me physically that stitches can't take care of. Emotionally I'm a bit more of a wreck since I feel so close to all the affected people I've met and everyone on the Indian Ocean coasts and my heart has cracked open. But in the end, I think that will be a good thing.

Robin Stavisky

I picked up the paper and could hardly believe my eyes when I came across your story in the San Jose Mercury. While we have never met, at least face-to-face, I feel I know you from your blogs. I was amazed to learn that you were in the midst of the tsunami, and delighted to learn that you escaped. I so agree with the importance of the larger issues in the face of real disaster and the importance of our contributing relief. I wish to express my sympathy for all those affected and our prayers for your and their recovery. Robin

Neville Hobson

Welcome home, Evelyn, safe and (almost) sound. And a Happy New Year to you.

You've done a tremendous job with your posts during such an horrific time. Thanks for writing about what you saw and experienced, difficult though it clearly was.

Bringing the story closer to home, as you say, is indeed a great way of helping people get a better sense of the scale of this disaster. I've seen so many blogs commenting in many different ways about the tragedy. I've been doing that, too, in a small way.

One big risk now is that the 'story' will vanish from our TV screens and newspapers as relief efforts get underway. It then just becomes another page 8 story, away from the front page.

Maybe that's where blogs can help, by keeping momentum going in commenting on what's going on or perhaps with some kind of visual means on a blog to keep the issue in front of everyone's eyes. I have a couple of graphics with links at the top right of my blog which I will keep there for as long as it helps. Just as you have done with the Amazon donate graphic and link.

A very small contribution, perhaps, but every little will help.

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