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Dec 05, 2004


Mark Cerney

The National Next Of Kin Registry would like to inform those who have family members visiting or living in the Asian quake Tsunamis area to visit the National Next Of Kin Registry website, to register vital information about their family members in the event this information is needed by the authorities or search and rescue teams. If you have a photograph please upload this on the registration page as this also helps in the identification process. NOKR search information has also been provided to the US State Department as well as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Malaysia, Tanzania and Somalia authorities.

The National Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) is a new high-speed solution to locating your Next Of Kin in urgent situations. NOKR is designed as an emergency contact system to help if you or your family member is missing, critically injured or deceased. NOKR is a free service to the public as well as the Local and State agencies using the search service.

The National Next Of Kin Registry is used primarily in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Other Countries (OC) are welcome and encouraged to register their family members and an emergency next of kin point of contact. NOKR also recommends uploading a photograph if one is available to expedite an individual’s identification if needed. If you are registering an individual outside the USA, Canada or Mexico please add additional contact information in the comments area of the registration form.

We’ve had numerous requests for assistance with 1000’s of families registering lost members worldwide in the tsunami disaster.

National Next Of Kin Registry
Nonprofit Public Benefit Organization 501(c)(3)
30542 Bayhill Dr
Temecula, CA 92592 USA

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