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Dec 31, 2004



Many excellent points. It's nice to get your perspective on the tsunami as it relates to 9/11.

I hope your knee is healing well.

Happy New Year!



Thanks for blogging about your experience. I'll confess to not really attempting to absorb the impact of this tragedy for the first couple of days - I was visiting family and only caught network news stories, which tend to just numb me, whatever they are covering.

I got home from my holiday visiting and yesterday went looking for first-hand blog accounts of the tsunami, and found your blog. Through your words, and those of other bloggers, I have caught a glimpse of the depth and breadth, of the extreme human pain and suffering of this disaster, and it shakes me to the core. You, and more importantly the millions of devastated people in the affected countries, are in my prayers. Thank you for writing here, and for your reflections on what's really important in life.

Robert Scoble

I'll always be a regular reader BECAUSE of your posts over the past few days. Keep them up. Glad you're still here with us.

OK, OK, I was a regular reader for a long time before this week. Love your stuff. By sharing your life you improve mine.

hugh macleod

Yep, it's in the Hughtrain:

"You do not own the molecules. They are stardust. They belong to God. What you do own is your soul. Nobody can take that away from you. "

"No way, Man! I was reading Evelyn's blog WAY before she got famous!!!"

"No you weren't!"

"Yes I was!"



Dear Evelyn,

A catastrophe is a catastrophe, a disaster a disaster! Never before, the world was faced with such a disaster and it's not even comparable to the two atomic bombing on Japan in its incredible strength.
Nobody knew in the beginning what the issue of the disaster will be as first estimations spoke about some thousands of deaths, than estimations increased, increased and increased and we all were faced with a new reality, our high tech people against wild animals and primitive population. It seemed that the instincts of wild animals and primitive populations were still intact and they reacted properly to the approaching danger, while the high tech people of the 21st century was totally helpless before the dangers of nature!
This reminds me on two events in my life! A book, written by Al Gore "Earth in the Balance: Forging a New Common Purpose" and a film, "The Day After Tomorrow" made me understand the real issues. I am convinced that bombings like those in Afghanistan and Iraq create the kind of microwaves that strongly amplify earthquakes and contribute to such disasters in a way never before experienced!



Yvonne DiVita

Once again...Evelyn captures the emotion behind the news. Regardless of what you write about, Evelyn, you go deep...beneath the skin, the muscle, and into the bone. To the very marrow. Where every human's lifeblood exists...regardless of gender, race, creed, or thought. We are all one race, we are all members of this globe called Earth, and this overwhelming attack by Mother Nature outscores any war, any manmade disaster...those, like you, who are involved, deserve the world's help and support, all of our sympathy, and certainly our undivided attention. For those who challenge this tsunami for its if over 120,000 lives (many of them children) are not if this is a contest in which disaster over the last 1000 years was the worst, stop and consider this-- Evelyn and all those involved in the rescue efforts, are following one what you can, where you are, with what you have. Might we-- outside of the disaster area--follow their lead and try to at least give them what they need?

Wayne Freedman


I would have been happy to include your thanks to the Thailand government, but other comments were briefer, broader in scope, and more compelling.

I, too, wanted to mention your frustrations with the US Embassy, but again, we hadn't the time nor the video in a story that included two other survivors, as well. That's a full piece in its own rite.

Everybody has a story---more than one. I wish we had unlimited time to tell all of them.

Thanks again for sharing your feelings with us in Friday's broadcast.


Evelyn Rodriguez

Just to clarify based on the email I am getting. I'm not complaining about the traffic, just reeling by the sudden jump in popularity based on just dumb luck (most of it bad luck, I'd say).

Wayne, ABC News - Sorry if I was complaining a bit about the press in a previous post. I realize there's just not enough time - airtime and column-inches - to cover all the angles of this story and I hope these other angles will be covered eventually in some way. I was a bit surprised never having done this before that three interviews took so much prep time (yours was the quickest by far, thanks) relative to the final resulting story.



This is the first time I have come across your blog, and it's so beautiful.. you write very clearly and without bias. I get the feeling you feel guilt because you are changing, and feel like you have to get back on track to the way you are before. You are on track, you are a changed person now. We all are in our ways, as this has affected the collective consciousness of the world - and it hurts. Don't feel guilty to write about your experiences, and if they are mostly, for a while, about your experience in Thailand, then that is your path, and in a way, your therapy. None of us could imagine what you have been through. Your thoughts are insightful and bring ideas to all of us, on how to make this world a better place.

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