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Dec 02, 2004


Johnnie Moore

Evelyn,good stuff. I suppose the answer to the question "How to find the time to blog?" is: Yes

Mike Rohde

Evelyn, I agree wholeheartedly. I've found that blogging or writing seems to cement ideas I'm ruminating. It forces me to think through thoughts I have as they go down on the keys or paper, and the re-reads and edits further help me solidify my statements. Throw in some good commentary and I get a reflection of how others view my ideas.

Because of blogging, I've now started a work diary (just a good old plain text document) to start capturing my thoughts on work projects, conversations, ideas, URLs or whatever I see relating to my work. This has been very beneficial as a reference, but even more, I seem to recall ideas more clearly.

I think the processing of thoughts is critical -- now that I see the value of the time spent writing.


Great thoughts -- writing in a blog is a way of prototyping ideas; by iterating along the way you find things you never knew you would find but you them when you find them.

Juan Arellano

Very interesting post. I think writing helps you clarify ideas. It is also a good therapy. (If someone needs one). I use to read a lot, and usually forgot a good part of that, since blogging (And the fact of writing about what i read) i remember almost everything.

I linked yor post here

Jim Buie

I came across this blog after writing a post on my own blog reflecting on how blogging is a "waste of time." I think we have some synergy. I've linked to this blog entry. I'd welcome your comments on my own blog:


I think its a great post! I am now more interested in blogging than i previously was! I used to blog but that was once a week maybe... and then later on i deleted my blog coz i thought its a waste of time... but your article shows that blogging is indeed a great activity. thanks a lot. and now i will blog again.


i appreciated a lot reading your post, and that s almost the same for me...writing helps me thinking...

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