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Dec 08, 2004


Luke Razzell

The long tail will hopefully get to wag the dog more and more vigorously as better tools come online to enable people to sift through oceans of blog content with semantic-categorisation and recommendation filters. is a big step in the right direction, but what I get out of it is still too variable in quality and focus to warrant my regular reading. And yes, synchronicity and serendipity will do nicely in the meantime!

Jory Des Jardins

End of the personal blog? Heresy! It's a beautiful middle medium that's getting to those hard-to-reach areas where business has failed to connect with customers/people. This is where intellectual and emotional meet, and the water's warm.

Want to learn about your market? Troll blogs. Want to feel connected to the pulse of people spiritually and culturally? Troll blogs!

Neville Hobson

"...but there is something particularly special about meetings with bloggers as it's easy to feel like long-term friends when their blog is an expression of their intimate voice."

I couldn't agree with you more, Evelyn. Yesterday I met Guillaume du Gardier and Elizabeth Albrycht in Paris. First time we'd met face-to-face, yet it felt as though we'd known each other for quite a while.

Looking forward to meeting you for the first time at the New Communications Forum 2005 next month!


I am using this medium and any other medium that I can find in an effort to warn people of a Direct TV scam. Has anyone else had this problem? Direct TV people called me asking, me to switch from cable to direct satellite TV. They promised to send me a surround TV entertainment system after I stay with them for a 5-6 month period. Well I did and when I went to redeem this promotion after 7 months, they told me that I sent in my request early( although I waited 8 months) and we did not completely fill out the entire form to redeem the offer ( I know that all lines were filled out) And because they claim we did not follow their rules to redeem this promotion, that the deal was now null and void! Is this legal? Has this happen to anyone else?? with either Direct TV or Dish Network

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