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Dec 28, 2004


Ben Phenix

"wonder if blogging really is merely journalism...Although that didn't stop the press..."

because of this difference though, your words and account speak with a personal voice and relates the underlying impact with more force than that of the press accounts.


Evelyn, you are a gift. I can only imagine your relief and sadness. Travel safe, God bless and take care.


Evelyn, you are a gift. I can only imagine your relief and sadness. Travel safe, God bless and take care.

Bernie Goldbach

Please let us know that you're hobbling around on wounded knee--you will be dragging that leg around for the rest of your days if it's not properly treated before returning home.

Munir Umrani

First, I'm glad that you survived the tsunami in South Asia, and that you are back in California recuperating. Secondly, your narrative conveys a powerful story of survival, loss, life, death, destruction and gratitude. The impact the disaster had on you comes through in your writing. Please write more when you are well enough to do so.


I am so glad that you are ok. Your story was very powerful. I wish you the best in the days ahead.



a concerned crackhead

i think all the people that were there desreved to die, thank you

well, im gonna go smoke some crack, peace out


sonningdale loves you


a concerned crack head is stupid


I agree with fouro you are a gift. I cant even imagine going through something like that. I would have never forgot what happened to me if I where in a Tsunami but I was not. I guess I should be thankful for that. Well I hope your life gets bettter and you stay strong. God will watch over you.


hey i hope u get around to reading this i am 11 and i was looking for some stuff to put into a prodject for school. i hope u r ok i am really sorry for anyone that is over there. i have a frend that was over there and he was ok but he saw some stuff that was over there after the tsunami and i wanted u to know that the energy was as great as 1 million atomic bombs and u lived through it u should be held in the highest regard. I hope u make it home safe.


im going to tell all of my friends to come talk to u so i hope the one that was over there can say something so i hope ur ok again


Its an amazing thing to see people reacting in a way that no ones seen for years. tsunamis like this have brought so much devistation and i sympathize with those who have lost loved ones.


I am so sorry to hear of all of your heart touching stories. I just wanted to tell you that you are in many of our prayers over here in Dayton Ohio in the U.S. We hope that the money being sent over is used well to help all in need. Good luck in the near future and we hope that somehow your lives may be filled with happiness. Thanks for the time Aaron.



Leah Caldwell

I was wondering do you know what happened to Philip and his brother from Kazakstan they were in Phuket hospital the rest of there family died and they had know one to call?


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