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Nov 17, 2004



Great post Evelyn
I think this kind of ideological warfare comes from the same root as the dominance of the Image, which Daniel Boorstin described in 1962. Ideological warfare or Public Relations, or the dominance of the Image may describe things sociologically, but even then, couldn’t it be that these descriptions only describe symptoms of a lack of religion. The fact that “the whole blue-red states thing just won't go away" has probably been with us for ever, long before the USA. Real religion allows us to transcend this, and real religion is hard to find.

If we cant look at a landscape without thinking about an idea of a landscape, or being bombarded internally by a mental association as we try to take a fresh look at it, fat chance of giving real love to the landscape, and fat chance of mustering real love for each other.

A few weeks back you quoted David Whyte's beautiful poem - "this is not the age of information ... this is the time of loaves and fishes." I'd like to add that we're not living in the age of ideology either. As always, we’re living in the age of loaves and fishes.

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