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Nov 19, 2004


Johnnie Moore

A side-effect. Yes, I think that's a very interesting way to view the whole branding mullarkey. The systems thinkers might see brands as emergent properties of the system; a lot of conventional "branding" seems to be an attempt to legislate for qualities in a way that may not capture how things work in reality.

As I'm fond of pointing out, it's simply not easy to replicate a company - otherwise more airlines would be like Southwest and more computer companies like Dell.

The trouble (or good thing) about the emergent view is that it would spare us the need to listen to all those experts lecturing us on how to; and instead we could have the adventure of discovering and exploring what actually works for us...

I'm looking forward to hearing more...


"One's art is not the chief end of life but an accident in one's search for reality"
-William Butler Yeats

Once again we see there’s no difference between an entrepreneur and an artist.

I agree with Johnnie. Branding experts, get out of the way.

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