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Nov 10, 2004



I have always sought out the quietest places to collect my thoughts...and then headed back to the hubbub to disperse them. What is it about a (literal, land-based) community of like-minded souls? I'm not sure yet, but as one who cannot give up her noisy (albeit delightful) metropolitan shoebox, I'm testifyin'.

Go, Evelyn, go.

Peter Bell

Just came across this posting through some random Googling. There is something special about the bay area. I first went there for a two week holiday from London back in '92 and to date it is still the only place I have ever felt home sick for when leaving.

Landing at Gatwick and driving through the grey, dull, misty streets of London, I vowed to live in the US within 2 years. 18 months later as I moved into my new apartment in Hosuton Texas I realized the truth of the statement that you have to be REALLY specific about what you wish for - in case you get it :->

After 15 years that have taken me through Edinburgh, Houston, Chicago and six amazing years in NYC, I'm now working on my plans to move to Berkley in 2008 (little harder here as I'm UK citizen so have to play the visa game and running a tech start-up that is both annoying and non-trivial).

glad to hear that you still feel it is worth eating Ramen noodles to be there.


Peter Bell

Seeing the date on your original posting, I hope you are still in the Bay. Would be too funny if you were now teaching Elementary School in Utah :->

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Peter,
Oh, yes, I am still in the Bay Area and luvin' it. I'm currently in that corner that is practically a black hole where San Jose, Cupertino and Saratoga come together, and I can walk to Apple's HQ. But my plans are to move to the city (or if you're not local, S.F.) shortly.

p.s. Nixed the ramen. Striped heirloom tomatoes drizzled with balsamic and basil, White Lady white peaches, almonds plucked from the tree, but that's summer. Right now, local persimmons are delicious along with apples, ginger & other spices in a smoothie.

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