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Nov 15, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

Yes, publishing a book the old-fashioned, Dick and Jane, way took forever...but in the new millennium, publishing can take as little as 3-6 weeks...after your manuscript is complete. Print on demand is just that...print on demand. The writing part is the tricky part, and the marketing part is the tricky part, the publishing part can be simple and quick. Making any book relevant at the time...especially when used in conjunction with a blog.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I'm not trashing books - as you can see I still refer to them quite frequently - but not to see where the bleeding edge of the future is headed. And my favorites have a timeless, classic quality to them.

Great comments on print on demand. I think I also wrote this post because my mind was harking back to a conversation this weekend with a new friend writing a book on globalization. I think he's going the traditional route because that's what is "credible" especially as he has serious public policy recommendations within it so he needs the additional credibility of a serious publisher, or so the world thinks. But I wish it were published YESTERDAY not in two years.

Sometimes I wonder if people dismiss blogs as "credible sources" because there is almost (I'm aware of a global digital divide) no barrier to entry; but that neglects the fact that having a low-cost printing press doesn't come with a ready-made readership. The credibility is built one reader at a time. Sigh, I wish I could convince more writers to blog AS they write their books.


Evelyn, are you using credibility to mean depth, enduring quality and validity? Or do you mean eliciting belief?

In the first case: the quality or validity of blogs must, of course, be an issue. Readership is no measure of quality or precision, only popularity. And I can’t imagine you thinking popularity is a measure of validity. To be a reliable source blogs need to be subject to the same torturous assault books face. The problem (and benefit) of blogs is they don’t stay still long enough and a post three-days old doesn’t get read. As a result they don’t get the same degree of attention as a book which happily hangs around for years until you get the chance to give it some real scrutiny. As you say, it’s the timeless quality that, in part, leads to credibility.

If you are using credibility to mean eliciting belief, you’re bang on. It’s tough to find a better, real-time pulse taker than blogs. The hot ones are hot because their driving reactions and, one assumes, beliefs. In this sense your suggestion that authors blog as they write is a very helpful one. Authors would find great benefit in circulating their core ideas via blogs before taking the plunge with a full-fledged book. That’s exactly why I think ChangeThis is such a cool opportunity.

Eric Rice

Okay, if brands are dead, but the process of branding IS, then all that needs to be done is taking the act of branding undercover, so no one really knows you're doing it. Same thing with PR. Don't *call* it branding or PR, and all will be well.

Snarky, maybe, but come on. Isn't that how we really do things? Heh.

Errol Saldanha

"There's a difference between brands and branding. Brands exist whether you want them to or not. Brands aren't going to go away any time soon. Brands are a useful shorthand for a complicated asset within an organization. Branding, on the other hand, is a thing you do. And as an activity, branding is problematic. Branding is ill-defined, usually vacuous, often expensive and totally unpredictable. I'm happy to say that you shouldn't grow up to be someone who does branding." - Seth Godin

This is like claiming that ‘advertisements’ are good, but ‘advertising’ is bad. Just as advertising is the development of advertisements, branding is the development of brands. If we don’t do branding, we don’t have brands -- one can’t exist without the other.

So if you are passionate about brands, grow up and be proud to be someone who does branding.

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