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Nov 15, 2004


Jory Des Jardins

None of this subtle discrimination surprises me. I work for a firm that is very conscious of not being discriminatory. A few months back I was asked to hire an admin (not for me--for someone much higher in the org). After sifting through hundreds of resumes and making two dozen phone calls it occurred to me that I had chosen all women to come in for an in-person interview. Even I thought that a woman should be in the position. Realizing this, I added a male to the mix and was later told not to bother--men don't work well with this manager, I was told. I don't think this was blatantly chauvanistic, but it showed how companies make natural determinations of who will be more successful in a position. Women, in my experience, are almost always the ones handling the admistrative aspects of a job. I'm often asked to organize events and to plan logistics outside of my job role, I think, because I am a woman and supposedly know how many croquettes to order. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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