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Oct 25, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

This should be required reading for every business today. It's incredible how little respect blogs get... except from other bloggers...and yet, as you note, Evelyn, decisions are most often made by using feedback from influentials. Bloggers know who influences what, and they aren't afraid to blog about it. Good stuff.

Jory Des Jardins

It's true: most people don't blog, let alone HAVE a blog. But 10 years ago most people didn't email. Someone had to get the party started. I almost wince at the thought of everyone having a blog. It seems, at least for now, that they truly are the medium of the media. Even if only .0011 percent of people online went to Wonkette, as Frank Barneko says in his article, the word gets out; the right people spread it.


iam requesting to tell me the influence of opinion leadership

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