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Oct 20, 2004



Isaac Asimov has also touched on the theme of how resources can limit you, in _Foundation_:

The Empire has always been a realm of colossal resources. They've calculated everything in planets, in stellar systems, in whole sectors of the Galaxy. Their generators are gigantic because they thought in gigantic fashion. But we...have had to work with brute economy. Our generators have had to be the size of our thumb, because it was all the metal we could afford. We had to develop new techniques and new methods.... With all their nuclear shields, large enough to protect a ship, a city, an entire world; they [the Empire] could never build one to protect a single man.

Elizabeth Albrycht

I am always amazed? confounded? when I see a thought I have been noodling on arrived more fully developed in your blog and others. It is exciting, and humbling. Exciting because so many people are thinking like me. Humbling, becuase so many people are thinking like me...and faster!

That being said, I have been musing about bigness alot lately...the need to have more clients, more money, more responsibility, more respect. In the pursuit of the more, it is so easy to lose oneself. Time for oneself. Energy for oneself.

I am jealous of things that take away that time and energy, but then the IDEA hits and zooooom off I go, working working working working...until exhaustion hits...friedness. And the slow return upwards to balance.

I am so bad at contatining my enthusiasms to some sane level. That is why I love reading your stuff so helps to bring back the perspective.

Jayanthan Bhattathiripad

Do you have any thoughts on how agile methodology might translate into the management structure of an organization? Somehow when I look at companies, even the ones that are infant, they seem to prefer a "command and control" model that is hierarchical. I am not convinced that this is the best model. Perhaps team-based organizations that are self managed might be a competitive advantage?

Evelyn Rodriguez

That's exactly what this post is about. Not every company will choose to experiment with new organizational structures, but so much is in flux in the global competitive landscape, that perhaps some companies will be more open to it.

The whole structure of my start-up (still in concept stage) is based on what you describe: small self-managed teams.

Google has three people on its project teams (sometimes a few teams may need to collaborate for larger projects i.e. back-end infrastructure). They consist of two developers/implementers (technical) and one product manager (business) whom are co-located during the length of the project.


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