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Sep 06, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

Uncanny...without really thinking about Maslow, I've been pondering this question for awhile now. Why are some people, doing the things they like, and making a living at it...and others not? I usually fall back on the fact that most people prefer to 'talk' about it...seldom actually DOING anything to achieve their dreams. Is this because they fear failure, or rejection? Or, is it because they fear success? We know it's all three. I could quote philosophers, but experience has taught me that it isn't creativity as much as it's hard work and persistence. I believe two things about people: one is that everyone is beautiful in some way -- there are no UGLY people. And, I believe everyone has the ability to be whatever he or she chooses to be...the one thing most people lack is the ability to dream big enough to actually get somewhere. Keep the good stuff coming, Evelyn. Love your outlook and insight. And, your great references.

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