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Sep 30, 2004


Jory Des Jardins

I think you nailed it here. There are some brands that I (not being a brand expert, but certainly aware of when I feel warm and gushy) simply feel GOOD buying/wearing/using. And I think that's because they hint at something that I aspire to without telling me "Hey, kucklehead! Buy me or else you are un-cool." It's really not about being cool. In fact, brands/advertising that push that button fail in my like-o-meter.

Brands that feel good: Starbucks, Pottery Barn, Barnes & Noble, Volkswagen, Gap, Oprah (you are so right that her emphasis on YOU works).

Some brands start out well, but they become cheapened once they gain public acceptance. It's not the acceptance that cheapens them, it's the lack of vision behind the brand. So many brands are created to make it big, but not last, not inspire, not lead people to the next place.

laurent bervas

100% agree with you :

> We want to talk about Love in brands -
> and I mean mature love not the constraining
> possessive warped image we tend to have of love.

Brands should be an invitation.

I think you've very good stuff in your blog.
A suggestion : make your posts more punchy : reduce the number of words, keep the essence of your ideas.
The total post should (in my opinion) be read without scrolling ;)


Evelyn, keep writing for yourself--long as you want. I love it.


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