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Sep 07, 2004


hugh macleodh

Heh. Joseph Campbell would call listening to your authentic voice as "heeding the call".

And his warning for those that don't is fairly unambiguous:

"If the call is not answered, then life dries up."

Traditional marketing works by appealing to two main things:

1. Rational. "washes 30% whiter" etc.

2. Vanity. "You deserve to spoil yourself by purchasing one of our products" etc.

Both are fairly.... hmmmmm uninspiring, especially the latter, which is basically a form of self-necrophilia.

What I'm interested in is how to apply marketing to tap into the "myth"... making and selling products as way with engaging in The Dance, the actual life souce, rather than the pretend life source.

Yep. People at work think I'm nuts. Then again, I wrote The Hughtrain and they didn't. Heh.

jeremy johnston

A calling is something you must give up your entire life for. It is not something to be taken lightly. The sacrifice one must make is huge and the catch is the reward is not on this earth but in heaven. If we are willing to give up our lively hood and embrace the calling of our Lord than miraculous things will happen, we have only to prepare ourselves to serve and put away selfish desires.

john roedel

Three and a halfs later I find this....

What I just read was the tonic for my broken, confused, and ever numbing heart. So...thank you is not quite good enough...but it is all I can give.

thank you.


You seem to have arrived at a hearts' place... I am still wandering....
have I always been here?
Always staring through the same eyes..
I get so tired of waiting....
Do you ever get tired of waiting?

sincerely Hans

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