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Sep 28, 2004



you get it evelyn. SOULS NEED SOLACE HEROES.

the only reason i still blog is that i get emails -- at least 2 or 3 very personal emails a day -- from strange corners of the world (this Monday, from Australia). On Tuesday I received an email about my blog from a future woman entrepreneur staffing a customer service desk at a cosmetic company when I inquired about a discontinued lipstick color. Emails from amazing everywomen not intellectual iconoclasts saying, "if you can do this, kirsten. i can do this. i lost my job/i quit today/i am going to start pursuing my dream. and i am going to do it."

the only reason i still blog is that deep down i know that SOULS NEED SOLACE HEROES; however weak, however fallible, however frail. perhaps, in fact, the more revealing of cracks in the foundry, quirks, and failings the better. it's the reason we are all so fascinated with reality shows.

big time branding (the kind that changes the world) is not about romancing the intellectual preacher-teachers. It is not about a well-defined position. I don't even think it is about being remarkable (sorry, Seth). It IS about appealing to the underdog, to the upstarts, to the curious and the cautious, to the secretly guilty, to those who are lost and silently hoping to be found, to the once and future revolutionaries...and validating their voice.

still. what do i know? I'm just a little chick.


p.s. i didn't like fast co. LONG before it was cool to whisper "re-tool fast co." we kinda positioned them as re:invention's anti-hero. Guess brand autopsy can claim they kicked off that revolution. ;)

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