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Sep 19, 2004



The article you're quoting says: "For a male the feminine component is the anima, and for a female it is the animus." Are you sure that's right? Look again.


thank you for sharing. this excellent blog entry has helped me.


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I'm nearly 51, always a bit introverted, usually more devloped as a thinker than a feeler. I believe I'm half way in to - I like the phrase - becoming more receptive. I am rarely very extroverted unless carried away by my enthusiasm. Saw a program about bipolarity, presented by UK actor Stephen Fry who suffers from it, and thought I am prone to being more down and up than your average. I wonder when I read the above article: how well should I be doing at 51? How would I know? This article tells me what I already know. What is next?


That quote mentioned by S (Oct 2005) "For a male the feminine component is the anima, and for a female it is the animus" is not entirely problematical, it simply omits to say that for the female the masculine component [not the feminine one] is the animus.

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ought and I think that although most of my friends are male, they all seem to embody this integrity, this wholeness - this complementary yin-yang balance - that is so lacking in corporate boardrooms. A few younger ones who have rejected cultural norms have m

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