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Sep 16, 2004


selwyn super

I like what has been written, but I am not wedded to the anatomical explanations, that do of course play some part. I am more inclined to believe in the wider distribution and effects of the chemistry and how it affects the whole body and its emotional and intellectual decision making and actions. For example there is a significant increase in energy and effort to carry out a task , via endorphin catecholamine release)when one is motivated, and there is a significant decrease in energy (depletions in serotonin,norepinepherine, dopamine) when one is depressed and unmotivated.

bill mccauley

Horray for Candice Pert--A true scientific genius--Would appreciate how to find her lecture schedule--Thanks Bill (Yoga Therapist and avid scientific reader)


What are the reasons for which other 98% people don't actually realize what they are to which you call self-actualization?

I'm extremely very curious to know about it.


Well i'm studying neurology and i must say your article is very well written and hopefully its gonna help me with my research work which i'm doing these days.Thanks

arvind pattni

I would like to know if we use only 2 % of our synapses than what is the use of the rest of the synapses?

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