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Sep 21, 2004


Johnnie Moore

Top blogging Evelyn. I wonder if these people who seem keen that I join them in panicking as a lifestyle would do better to pause and just acknowledge their anxiety instead of rushing around acting it out. Still, I find them quite helpful because their behaviour tends to trigger the contrarian in me. So, paradoxically, their determination to get instensly busy helps me to relax.

Elizabeth Albrycht

Great post Evelyn! One key to this approach, I think, is self-trust. When you are under the gun to meet a deadline, it takes courage to walk away from your desk, to go for a run, to do some needlepoint, play with your pets, go to the market, etc. To do anything to get away from the desk so you can free your mind to think differently.

I often have to force myself to walk away, to trust that the ideas will come. They almost always do, but it is hard going against the years of training/brainwashing that says you just have to plug away, be disciplined, etc. Self-doubt is a killer to creativity. Self-trust is the key.


Heh. Thanks for the validation! I spent today not working, in spite of a painfully looming deadline. Here's hoping I'm rested and refreshed and ready to tackle it tomorrow.

laurent bervas

I spent time, in my office doing meditation.
I need to be creative : It's efficient.

But just think about "normal" jobs : a bus driver, a General Motors employee has no time for creativity (in fact a little bit).

I haven't the response to make a change for them ?

Avi Solomon

Fred Gratzon is right on the money about this:

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