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Aug 09, 2004


Heath Row

Actually, I view the contest less as armchair brand building -- and more as a thought exercise that could help earn a participant some free branding expertise. The prize is a three-hour consultation... pretty useful.

That said, I agree that it's important to turn to your customers for assistance like this. Which is why we included ourselves in the mix. We wanted to use the contest as a trigger for seeking reader feedback, as well. And as this post attests -- it's working! Thanks for your in-depth commentary.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks for your quick reply. My issue was less about the contest per se - again, it's just a contest - and more that this resembles a bit too closely how many repositioning strategies are conducted.

That said, I did think it was clever to include Fast Company in the mix as it was INSIDE your own magazine that you're soliciting feedback so chances are you are reaching your core market. Be interesting to see to also reach past readers that have dropped their subscription as well.

In fact, it's got me to thinking about Fast Company quite a bit after this post went I'll probably throw in my hat for the FC category.



I think you make a great point about armchair brand/marketing folks. It is awfully easy (and kind of fun) to opine on stuff like this when you do not have to carry the water. I totally agree (in fact it is fundamental tenet of the Marketing Playbook) that YOU need to own the solution to your problems. You do not need to be intimidated by marketing issues. You need to build your own playbook.

You need to decide who you are and want to be. First by understanding your playing field. Not only by asking your customers (as you so rightly note) but also by understanding your competitors (using their products, knowing thier people), and looking hard at yourself and what you really can and should do. This is not a theoretical thing. It is down and dirty, it is something you and not any armchair quarterback can own.

(That said I think it is cool that FC asks and includes itself in this contest. It is in essense asking its own customers. Good work. Keep it up and go even further, invite your subscribers to BECOME more of FC in blogs, content creation, criticism etc.)

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