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Aug 31, 2004



It seems to me that it doesn't matter what the woman posted...what matters is what is contained in her confidentiality agreement, which people sign everyday in Silicon Valley, which can make or break a company's business. I'm going out on a limb to say that a thousand angry bloggers won't be able to figure out exactly what got the woman fired without seeing that confidentiality agreement.

All companies in the Valley have them, and a lot of them define what is appropriate outside company communication differently. I know, I've signed a few of them myself.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I've been doing more online sleuthing on this and Joyce didn't say anything that wasn't quite public knowledge. She didn't divulge anything confidential. I'm highly technical (doesn't show from my posts). Friendster and any social networking site's value (ironically) actually lies in the network of users - and growing this critical mass of users whom are networked together.

However, she did speak to press which is I'm starting to suspect the real issue. And she had her own press, er blog. (Of course, most people that know Jon just regard him as a friend, that he's a journalist is secondary.) Most employees are not allowed to speak to press or engage in public speaking engagements whatsoever without going through the corporate PR 'approval' process. Something I've already spoken up and am not going to re-hash.

The point I was trying to make is the idea of having corporate PR being a gatekeeper is falling apart regardless of how much companies try to prop it up due to larger customer mindset shifts and market dynamics. And if it's not the employees talking, then it's the customers.

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