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Jul 06, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

I agree with this thinking. "Performing" your message is a great way to put it. But, is this why how a woman looks is often the dominant factor in her favor? Women's looks, hair, clothes, smile, etc. are commented on far more than men's-- making it difficult to "perform" your message when the perceiver is intent upon your chest or your hair or making prejudgements about you because of your gender. From the baby boomers on up to the Gen Xers, the business world has preconceived notions about women based on still existing stereotypical beliefs. A woman 'performing' to attract attention to herself or her business/product/service has to be careful what she wears, how much she smiles (I was once accused of flirting just because I smiled at a man)and more. A man, on the other hand, can "perform" to his heart's long as he's neat and clean, he's okay.

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