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Jun 01, 2004


Johnnie Moore

Good posting. I think the point that "that the experience of co-creating value itself is part of the value" gets to the heart of it. So many businesses frame "creating customer experiences" as something they do TO customers. This leads to an obsession with control that often undermines success.

I have to say that I'm not sure I'm going to buy Prahalad's book though! It's tone sounds highly prescriptive and I suspect that it is, itself, an example of an old, expert pardigm. Whereas this blog, where I comment, is more co-creative!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Interesting points. Hmmm, maybe the concept of what a book "is" needs to expand and become more co-creative rather than a one-way street? I've been having second thoughts about my book (of course, that could be plain old resistance) as I'd like to see a more interactive relationship between the writer/reader.


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