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Jun 22, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

And they would be wrong, Evelyn. In the Internet age, bad PR is deadly-- it goes farther and faster than a speeding bullet, so fast even Superman couldn't save a company from it! Check out and see what 1.6 million women are doing to Wal-mart. Anyway, that's kinda off the Nike just experimenting with its blog, or are we playing into its hands by talking about it??? Is the fact that Microsoft is blogging news I care about? Not really. I rely on true bloggers, like you, to give me the truth. When you get into corporate America, and I mean the Nikes and the Microsofts, they're just in it for the show...we're in it for the exchange ideas...and learn something along the way. Hey, I learned something reading this post today...great going. Thanks!

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