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Apr 07, 2004



It depends what you blog about, I think. I often blog about things which are "past" because whatever it was in that event which upset or intrigued me might have lasting interest. For instance, if some politician says something on Monday about work/family balance for instance, I'll blog it on Friday because let's face it, the problem is not going to go away by Friday, is it! The only proviso is, as you say, to try and provide some unique perspective on it so if others have blogged before, you are still making a contribution.
Nice blog!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Helen! I probably should clarify a bit. I notice people feel pressured (and anxious) that "blog" conversations move so fast that they must respond immediately (and perfectionism enters here too -- adequately).

So I just wanted people to detach a bit from the "stress" of blogging. After a while, it can feel a bit hopelessly you are fighting against as a mere mortal being washed away by an information tsunami. So if I miss the "peak" window of a particular conversation -- I could choose to do at least 3 things 1) wallow in regret (been there) 2) blog about it anyway if it still is important and fresh for me 3) let it go gently.

Writing about the past is fine (I do it a lot) as long as it's still clicking for YOU and it's still hot topic for you at the moment you are writing. I have this quite long (too long) running list of "blog this someday" (someday being the operative word!) posts. When I finally kick up Typepad, I go with what has the most palpable energy -- the most tempting siren song for me right then and there.

And I've calmly accepted (without beating myself up anymore) the fact it's ok if I don't get through all the "blog this someday" posts. (That was the hardest thing to do.)

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