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Apr 22, 2004


Seth Finkelstein

1) "Finkelstein", not "Fenkelstein"

2) I picked up on that. I HEARD them. I know what they are saying. That's not my point.


Please note I've won a DMCA exemption, exposed censorware, analyzed Google, done "citizen journalism", etc.

The frustration is when I point out *IT* *DOESN'T* *WORK*, then too many people slam me for not working hard enough.

Oh, I didn't post links in the comment section because of the original dig at me for supposedly begging for a link. Can't win.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Seth-I'm so sorry about the misspelling. Crazy week and I really wanted to get something out quickly. Partially why it's such a rambling post. And it's not quite complete, yet.

It's not a lottery. That implies randomness to what or who gets attention. I am TOTALLY with you on that there is definitely a "publicity barrier" as you call it. That's inevitable as the amount of information and messages trying get attention (a huge amount is really interesting too) escalates. Yes, it's definitely a reality in the blogosphere as it is outside the blogosphere.

I don't know your "objectives" and "audience" well enough to give you specific suggestions, but I think you need to target a specific core of people you can almost name by name that you want to influence and that probably already care about your message first. I don't know anyway around it. It's a fallacy for anyone to think that you "If I build a field, they will come". Proactive marketing effort is required. Now the trick is to LEVERAGE your effort.

Funny, I was just in the middle of writing an email to a classmate in a book proposal class on how to seed her "manifesto" to the right hive online. I understand (because I've been in a very small class with her) what she is trying to achieve with her book. She could have just posted her eBook online (she is offering it free, but that alone is not attention-worthy) without spending a little time thinking through how the message/meme will disseminate. It would for all intents and purposes been invisible and ignored if she does not do that exercise -- regardless of the message. Now she spends a little time researching her hive and who are the bloggers are that already care about her "manifesto" themes and it's going to make a huge difference in impact.

I'll write more about this next week. I know that Robert Scoble says "write something interesting" and I'll link to you, but he's oversimplifying it. It's pretty obvious that you have done some hard work on the content side, but again, the message isn't (quite) enough. (A lousy message given any amount of "PR" won't fly either; that's the first prerequisite.)

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