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Apr 19, 2004


o. mack

hello. i like the commentary. we are in complete agreement. the customer/consumer is the hero/heroine. the current article in inc. magazine august 2004 makes this clear. our pieces are first and foremost about people. some are more product heavy than others, it is true, but as a series the emphasis is on people. so far, mostly us, it is true. now about peer to peer- you are right, the corp. is involved, tho this does not shut out the true peer to peer ability. we are starting to recieve submissions. but we need to serve as editors, because mostly we get junk. the corp. is involved because we want them to pay us money, and we want them to buy our ads and place them. we are basically starting a 30 sec tv show that plays in ad space and looking for sponsors. we now describe what we do as documentary advertising. stay tuned. o. mack

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