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Feb 25, 2004



Very intriguing points made here, about the way in which our mental constructs of the world can tend to 'be' our world, and in fact can limit what we believe we can see and learn about the world.

Language is one of these constructs, perhaps the most important. Think of how hard it is to articulate a complex thought even when you have very good language skills. Then think about how to articulate a new perception of something which you've never seen before.

I recently read a book on Isaac Newton, and what struck me most was the idea that he was able to essentially throw away all the inherited knowledge of the time, move his frame of reference out of his head and in a sense outside of the solar system, to try to understand what was going on with the moon and the planets using simply the traces he could gather here on earth. Simply breathtaking!


anyone have the entire text of Bucky's pledge to himself and humanity

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