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July 29, 2005



Of course candles today have nothing to do with light bulbs and electricity...they have to do with ambiance, sensuality, mood...or simple trendiness.

The flexibility of the meaning of objects is one of the key discoveries by retailers in the last few decades. It's very important to explore the actual lived-meaning of objects for people; tempting to assume we know what those objects mean.

I'm not so sure the many of the practices we see today are "spiritual" in nature. Own a Yoga mat? Used to mean, "exotic spiritual practitioner." Now means, "I have a piece of conventional workout apparatus."

Let's never underestimate the power of the predominant material culture to appropriate, and transform, the meaning of just about anything. People buy/watch things for reasons we ought to rigorously explore, not assume we understand.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Yes, most of this stuff is still stuff and doesn't hold much transcendental meaning. Personally, I'm well aware that many people buy for ego reasons (I throw myself into that camp), but right now I'm interested in the deeper (unfulfilled) wants. I like Seth Godin's quote: "People often choose to consume not because they need but because they want."

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