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Mar 27, 2007



Your role here, I think, is as a Muse to your readers. It's a good thing that you don't treat it as a responsibility, or it would probably feel like less of a gift.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thank you Loofa for the kind words. I believe all of you will want muses beyond me and this blog, since I only have time for so many soulful exchanges. There is a deep mutuality to the muses relationships, that requires an undefended heart & the accompanying vulnerability and intimacy of something beyond what any blog provides.

Don't settle. And don't hold back.

At first it may feel uncommon to be that open and trusting - especially in a platonic relationship. It should have gone without mentioning, but the artist collective I spoke of in Nola were all men. (Oh, and straight, too, I should add if you know anything about the Nola art scene.) But the tenderness I saw between them, well, it's so touching - and so rare.

Yet not so rare in the very near future, I sense.


Hi Evelyn,
you want to create a new world. That is exactly what I am about to do too. Now are you aware of the implications of such enterprise. I doubt that I fully am.
How to prepare for surprises?

Evelyn Rodriguez

Atao, I wrote this to a friend today. I shall write more, exploring the edges of my own unknowningness. This is not the time of timidity, nor the lone wolf. I write, by way of invitation since I spotted a fellow visioneer in the email. (btw, recommend anything by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, see

i am a seer - not exactly the same as a psychic more similar to shamans, alchemists, magus, prophets, priestesses - oh, i've been burned at the stake before!

i've seen many other civilizations arise and fall away through thousands of years

this one is coming to an end, and with it lots of decaying parts of our lives will slough away

whatever, I'm an artist, visionary, weaver & creator of New universes

an imaginatrix
if you have time to think and ponder
maybe you might have time to blink and wonder too

if you were starting a universe from stratch how would you design it? (i'm serious)


I don't know whether for you universe and world are interchangeable synonyms. They aren't for me. I wouldn't create any other universe because that's not an individual task. I believe in the wonder of the body. The body is the essence of individuality. Every human body contains a cerebral receiver with varying capacities for channeling/seeing/imagining worlds. I can create my own world or a part of a a new world on earth.
Creating a new world from scratch? The next world I see, is simply a world where everybody can enjoy this universe, our planet, his body, her thoughts. Time for celebration of ourselves! That may sound banal but when you think it through it requires a radical transformation of perspective.
The universe waits to be filled, en-joyed with our love!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Atao, I may have been sloppy with the the use of the word, 'universe'; She is doing fine in her own transformation. And I didn't mean ANOTHER universe - but this one completely freshly reborn without necessity for that which we've adopted because we've been told that's how it should be or ought to be.

For a long time, I was interested in nirvana and enlightenment because I was weary of the merry-go-round of samsara, and I wanted off. I was suspicious of anyone that had never ever contemplated suicide because they must not have seen this world through and through. I felt the weight of being an ancient soul, and felt the yearning to return to the No-thingness of formlessness. So a transcedent approach to spirituality highly appealed to me.

But that's really changed lately.

When I started to grok because of exposure to people and things that came into my life what the "Golden Age" meant and what Christ meant and what the tantrikas speak of when they say the male (formlessness) penetrates the female (form) then I understood the divinization and harmonization of matter - all of Earth too and more - would include Evelyn. Yes, Evelyn, as a unique expression of the Infinite, but Evelyn nonetheless. And that means alas I'm not going to vanish into the ether, but be around for possibly quite a heck of a lot more time than the 30-40 years that the actuarial tables might show.

So yes, I think we are on the same wavelength, the celebration itself transforms everything. A bodhisattva's only job is to be a completely free human being and doing precisely and only what gives them joy. I don't underestimate the power of that any longer. It's not selfish nor self-centered, it's Self in its isness.

"I wouldn't create any other universe because that's not an individual task."
It's not really an individual task anyhow, even individual transformation isn't individual. The world and the people we encouter are our mirrors (and playmates) - a vital and fun part of the journey.


Hi Evelyn,

since trackback isn't working (maybe I'm not doing something that I don't understand), I'll just leave you a link to my blog entry which was inspired by your post.

Or, since I'm not allowed to leave HTML links, here's the address:



I hope I got it right what you tried to say about the recent change. What is the concrete expression of this change in perspective?

And then I'd love to stick with the question of individuality. I have a particular reason to say that there is a individual transformation. Maybe it gets clearer when I equal the word individuality with uniqueness. There is a mystery about uniqueness. Because it's directly related to the question of choice. Choice of our body, choice of our destiny, choice of our talents. I insist that there is a kind of "holy loneliness" as by being unique we are radically different. Regardless of the almost 100% identical DNA-code we all share, regardless of the same masculine and feminine energy driving us with and within the cosmos.

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