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Jan 28, 2007



Thank you for the mention of my little book, Evelyn. I'm honored. And I like your theory of the typo.

You have a lovely way of pouring the universe onto your readers -- the pictures of nebula just add to the mystery.


In other words, Beauty compels you to merge with it?

Evelyn Rodriguez

Dan, Thanks, methinks we are in the same mutual admiration society ;-)

merge (etymology)
1636, "to plunge or sink in," from L. mergere "to dip, immerse," probably rhotacized from *mezgo, and cognate with Skt. majjati "dives under," Lith. mazgoju "to wash."

For me? I think that's my first urge. What I call the 'urge to merge.'

If I am still I notice the spaciousness
between the beautiful and I. Maybe I plunge into that space and dip into the Beauty. Maybe. But it feels more like these days like what I notice on open sky meditations (great to do on summer nights sleeping outdoors even in your own backyard). The sky just passes through me, through the grass, through the earth, right through. Have I merged? Or have I seen?

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that whisper of tinkling piano keys (or meditations on Beauty) - Crossroads Dispatches



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