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Jan 18, 2006


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» Opening the Door to Change from 2Weeks2aBreakthrough
I love Evelyn's post called, Letting Yourself Be Changed. Please go read it now - it is very thought provoking and interesting. She is still in Thailand and she is experiencing many breakthroughs. Here is one of my shots from [Read More]



What a succinct and lovely post Evelyn! Thank you.
I'm a new boy on the block as far as blogging goes but I just know I'm going to love it too.
I think the key to 'letting ourself be changed' is our willingness to be defenceless. Scary stuff for big egos but what a joy when we allow it!
It's amazing how we can take a vague idea, make it concrete by having to 'express' it for others to read, then others can take that idea - comments on it, rip it to pieces, spread it around, add there 2 cents to it. Then, what started out as that tiny vague idea, has now taken form, been strengthened, refined, grown and finally has the capacity to change us all for the better. Truly amazing!!


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