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Nov 10, 2005



Thank you for this post - Seth's new theme and pilgrimage is a perfect fit.

Niti Bhan

It is those 6 years and the hardships that we are taught as Hindus, while Siddarth was still hindu. It was only after he became Gautum Budh did buddhism start. Thank you for a lovely post.


Wow! Great post. And there's a name for it "Point C". I've certainly been there and for a long time. But I just held on because I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to do. Funny, but my this, my last entrepreneurial venture has always seemed to me to be more of a spritual journey than anything else.

I've also been struck by how long transition periods take. Were it not for William Bridges and his book Transitions, I think I would have gone crazy. I now see it as the most important part of growing. Yet, we give so little support to those going through transitions and people going through them have so little understanding of what's happening. Ironic, that it's in these transitions we learn the most about humility and compassion.

Niti Bhan


If you like transitions and Bridges writing, I hate to toot my own horn but take a look at my writing on "Limnos" under collections, they are derived from his work and Bobbie Schaetti's (Transition Dynamics) She was of much help to me about 6 years ago



Indian Brahmins have been Jealous and greedy and they desecrated Buddhist Places of Worship and people to follow their brahminical practices.

The word "Buddhu" in Hindi means fool, The brahmins thought that speaking out about the secrets of the religion will diminish their status in the occupied land. They wanted to keep everything secret, Thats the reason from North to south Brahmins have created their own "so called god" by the name of Rama and they adore him since he was a great conqueror of Land for them.

The original teachings from the Heart fo buddha were never respected or even the concern of brahmins, The whole idea of they being the originators of "so called Hinduism" is a false pretext , and they continue building their stone temples for the Ram all over the World.

Buddhist all over world have to come down on these stupid racist called "ram worshippers" .

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

I'm a Christian who dearly loves Buddha. And the story of Buddha's enlightenment is one of the best stories in the whole history of humanity.

I love how he left the palace, where he was expected to be a Prince, then King, of the warrior Sakyamuni tribe, and how he witnessed:

* old person

* sick person

* dead person

* ascetic person

(am I missing one? poor person?)

Buddha never sought worship or a new religion. He simply taught us how inordinate craving can be obliterated. The Fire Sermon is so beautiful {all things are on fire, fire of lust, fire of greed, etc.} is the Lotus of the True Law story of the world as a filthy, pest-ridden house that is also on fire.

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