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Aug 23, 2005


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Welcome to this week's Carnival of the Capitalists. If you were here the last time, you might notice some changes. [completely biased recommendation] One of the biggest changes is our new sister site: CodeSnipers. It is one of CaseySoftware's contribut [Read More]

» 8/29/05 Carnival of the Capitalists from BusinessPundit
The latest Carnival of the Capitalists is up! Check it out. Next week will be hosted by ReThink(IP). It may be posted on Tuesday because of Labor Day, that is up to the host. My personal favorites this week, A... [Read More]

» Aftermath of "The Markets have changed" from
In my last pre-Carnival posting, I wrote on The Markets have changed which built from many of the ideas laid out in The Cluetrain Manifesto and explained how I have applied them to the efforts of CaseySoftware to benefit our customers. As I mention in on [Read More]

» Reinvention from What's Your Brand Mantra?
After 18 months of writing about branding and marketing, I hit the point of burn-out. So I'm making some changes that I hope will keep me interested and engaged in the blogosphere. I was inspired by a couple posts:Jack/Zen: The [Read More]



Thanks very much for responding to my challenge, and for the link to the Luhan home - made me think I should take another trip to New Mexico!


I love the way you keep on sharing such fresh information.While reading this article i was feeling as i was in real world.

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