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Aug 19, 2004


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Johnnie Moore

Hi Evelyn, thanks for a meaty post.

Manifestos may be an attempt to change us in a particular way. I share your scepticism that they are likely to work as intended. BUT any communication that engages us, even if the engagement is in the form of outrage, does change us, even if not predictably.

I think you get the to the nub towards the end. Some people have an instrumental view of change - its done by one person TO another. Another perspective is that change happens BETWEEN people and you can't impact another without impacting yourself.

In Improv, a Manifesto is simply an offer... that's all it is... What happens next is unpredictable.

Evelyn Rodriguez

"In Improv, a Manifesto is simply an offer... that's all it is... What happens next is unpredictable."

Yes! Those are the manifestos I like. They say, this is what moves me. Their own personal statement they offer up to the world. Publicly saying, "I'm on board". You can get on board, or not....simply an offer.

I guess I take the most offense to ChangeThis as a name - what it could connote - and a particular section or two of the ChangeThis manifesto.


"These are some manifestos that come to mind"

Here's another one: the (in)famous "Communist Manifesto" -

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